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Carpet manufacturers recommend having carpets professionally cleaned once every two to three years. But what do they know? Lots of people wait much longer. Some people have never had their carpets professionally cleaned. What about you? When was the last time your carpet was professionally cleaned?

If the previous paragraph mirrors your thoughts on carpet cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles offers the following facts about carpets and carpet cleaning. We may change your mind about carpet cleaning.

Facts About Carpet and Carpet Cleaning

carpet steam cleaningRegular vacuuming is the best way for a carpet owner to maintain their carpets. That said, vacuuming really only removes the dirt and dust that is near the surface. Whatever has already been pushed down to the carpet base (through regular use of the carpet), does not budge. Over time, the contamination can cause unpleasant odors and discoloration.

In addition, various factors influence the efficacy of vacuuming. Hair and fur are notorious for becoming entangled in carpet fibers and will stay there unless you sweep before you vacuum. Neglecting to change vacuum filters, or vacuuming with full dirt bags or dirt receptacles will decrease suction power.

Carpet Cleaning Session

Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles begins all carpet cleaning sessions with heavy duty vacuuming that sucks out much more than a consumer grade vacuum every can. Then, all carpet contamination is removed using the extraction method, also called steam cleaning. This method, which is one of the most eco friendly carpet cleaning methods available, effectively cleans and deodorizes carpets.

Truck Mounted Equipment

Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles uses truck mounted equipment, so the crew doesn't have to lug heavy machines through the premises. Instead, they use cleaning wands attached to watertight hoses to force even the most stubborn dirt out of every fiber of your carpet, and then whoosh all the debris and moisture out of your home and into a holding tank via a second hose. Once the moisture and debris have been extracted, all that's left behind are clean, good smelling, and healthy carpets.

When Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles professionals on the job, the carpet cleaning process goes smoothly and efficiently, and doesn't take too much time. Even better, Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners prices won't break the bank.

You've already made the investment in carpets. Don't throw your money away by neglecting them. Call Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners at 818-748-6176 for a free, no hassle, no surprises estimate.

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