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  • Is your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system) acting a little sluggish?
  • Are you experiencing unexplained headaches, nausea or a general feeling of malaise?
  • Have you recently completed construction or home remodeling?
  • Do people with respiratory sensitivities live in your home?

There are several possible causes for each of the above mentioned conditions. One possible cause is indoor air contamination due to dirty or inefficiently working air ducts and related issues. All medical issues should be checked out at the doctor's office. But regardless of whether or not your doctor gives you a clean bill of health or sends you home with a prescription to help you feel better, it's worth your while to have Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles come over for an onsite inspection. Indeed, you should never schedule an air duct cleaning without a visual inspection first.

Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles has cleaned ducts in hundreds of residential and commercial properties. Recognized experts in their field, they have use field-proven methodology to insure that your air ducts, ventilation grilles and registers are clean enough to breathe from. If their visual inspection indicates that you need to have the ducts cleaned, here is what to expect:

Cleaning Ducts

Though some industrial design plans leave air ducts visible to the eye, more often than not, air ducts are hidden in walls, crawlspaces and ceilings. The only parts of the HVAC are overtly visible are vent openings. It is through these opening that Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles accesses the ducts themselves. Before starting work, however, all surfaces will be covered with a protective covering. This is really only a precaution - the actual cleaning takes place inside the ducts. Then, a vent grill is removed from one vent opening to provide access to the duct cleaning equipment. Other vent openings are blocked so as block loosened debris and cleaning solution used in the process. The actual cleaning is done using highly specialized equipment with non-abrasive scrubbers and vacuums.

Once all duct contaminants have been removed, Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles's crew will was vent openings and clean the visible elements of the HVAC system. If required, they provide air filter replacement services, mold removal and other related services. They can also apply chemical biocides, which have shown, in some cases, to prevent the growth of fungus. If the idea of using biocides appeals to you, be sure to ask an Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles representative to about the benefits - and the possible side effects.

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